I was born in Rome in 1977, I've been always attracted by art and graphic design. I graduate in graphic design in the years when the job wasn't done by computers, and it helped me a lot in my approach to tattoo. I get in contact with the tattoo world, and I felt in love with it, in 1994 during one of the first tattoo convention held in Rome, where I add my first tattoo.

After my year in the army and some random job, I start tattooing and opened my first tattoo studio in 2003. First years were a continuos exploration of different tecniques and styles, in few years I was captured by black and grey realistic tattoos.

After more than 10 years tattooing only in black and grey, I felt my art limited and I start studying, practicing and experimenting colors. In 2016 I made my first sketch and coloured tattoo and that changed completely my approach to tattoos. I use all the study of light and shadows that came from my realistic background and turned into sketchy colorful style.

My studio Familink Tattoo House is located in Testaccio, one of the most historical neighbourhood of Rome. You can find me there or in some of the best tattoo convention in Italy and Europe.